Our Story

Max and Katie facing each other lovingly in Twain, CA. Pic credit to Kat Ellis!


Max and Katie met in August 2009 at University of the Pacific's "mandatory volunteer" trip to the Marin Headlands. They connected over a mutual enjoyment for Invader Zim (so 2000s!), Watchmen, and Silence of the Lambs. Katie also courted Max's good will by scavenging s'mores supplies from the bonfire and sharing her bounty with him.

(Katie tried to convince a frustrated Max that she believed the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory at the Headlands was similar to Jurassic Park, which sparked a deep love of hassling Max when he's taking things very seriously.)

Their friendship took off exponentially as they talked every day freshman year, often late into the night. Hanging out in Southwest with Katie's roommate, Elena, and their mutual friends, they'd play video games, watch movies, and sometimes even study. They talked with each other for hours about practically anything, and constantly made each other laugh.

(The first video Max ever shared to Katie's Facebook page was this Tim and Eric video (NSFW). After that, she knew this was a special dude that she definitely wanted to keep in her life.)

The Story Continues

After a summer of texting each other day and night, swapping memes, and assessing each others' music taste, they returned to Pacific for their sophomore year. On 11/10/10, they officially began dating.

Despite the uncharacteristically rash decision to room together for their junior and senior year, they continued to tolerate and even enjoy each others' presence!

Following their graduation from Pacific, they lived separately for two years before moving in to their first apartment together in Stockton, CA while Max pursued his doctorate in Physical Therapy.

(Since she worked weekends, during the two years they lived separately, Max drove his old Crown Victoria out to Katie every weekend until it finally kicked the bucket (RIP).)

The Proposal

After Max received his diploma and began working, he used his first paycheck to buy an engagement ring. As they were walking around the Pacific campus reminiscing on their 7th anniversary (11/10/17), Max bent down to "tie his shoes" and surprised Katie by popping the question. Of course, she said yes!!

Staying true to the philosophy of their relationship, Max and Katie decided to take it slow following their engagement, allowing Katie to obtain her master's in library and information science without totally losing her mind. (Wedding planning and grad school--ain't nobody got time for that!)

Thank you for being a part of our lives and our special day! We can't wait to share our celebration with you!