Little River Inn.

Where: The ceremony and reception will be held at the Little River Inn, about 4 hours north of Sacramento (we know it's a drive, but we think the beauty of the place will be worth it for you!)
IMPORTANT -- Be sure to read the "accommodations" page before booking a hotel room!!

When: From Saturday, February 1st to Monday, February 3rd. A whole three days to celebrate!

Attire: As you might have guessed from the website, our wedding is lightly "Twin Peaks" themed. (Twin Peaks is a show from the early nineties that is very near and dear to our hearts!) For those unfamiliar with the show, dressy casual attire is great! For those who ARE familiar with the show, feel free to dress accordingly (but stick to the more context-appropriate clothing please!)

Other deets: 1. Please note Katie is keeping her last name
2. We are not registered anywhere, and we believe having you present is the best gift you could give! We look forward to seeing everyone!


Please send any concerns or questions via text, Facebook messenger, or email and we'll do our best to field them!

Text: 925-265-3448